Wednesday, August 06, 2008

In the realms of despair..

People say, when you think too much, you complicate things more than it should've been. You tend to over-analyze about all things, and then you start wonder whether you should be feeling the way you did, or should you just let that feeling slide.

The most complicated things in life are not always that complicated. It is our insecurities that makes it even more hard to comprehend. The best part of life, is when you realize that you are just a mortal, who makes mistakes, and messes up, which is perfectly fine, as that's part of the process of learning through the ropes.

But that's easier said than done. When you've been thinking too much all your life, and no one's there to lead the way, added that your guts have shit for brains, it makes it a whole lot harder to just chill and be calm in the face of any storm that you encounter. In the end, you just ignore any feelings that you have, and just move on.

Maybe that's the way to deal with things. Or maybe not.

Sometimes, I wish my dad was here. He would just make things more clearer. He would always tell me when to think, and when to just let it be. And he'll be pissed if I ever doubted myself in anything for that matter.

If he was here today, he's sure gonna be disappointed.

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