Thursday, October 16, 2008

How much further up you can go...

When people ask me, what is the best thing about being in a boarding school, I would say it's the part where I learn how to be independent and respectful.

I mean, of course you have friends, you have your teachers, and you have other things for that matter. But the most satisfying part is when you learn how to surivive by yourself and leaving your "spoilt-bratness" behind. The best thing is, you learn to be humble, as you want to learn on how to live your life by yourself, and at the same time, avoiding the bashing you might get from the seniors if you get too comfortable. Some might call it cowardness, but that's a kind of survival you might encounter in the real world anyway.

But after exiting the school, and entering a new domain in colleges and universities, followed by career life, some might have forgotten how to put those feet back on the ground.

As time goes by, some might be a little bit pompous. Sometimes, intentionally, and sometimes, unintentionally. It's like, every conversation revolves around careers, valued posessions ( cars are number 1 on the list), or even holiday destinations. Comparing on salaries and earnings, or one's importance to the organisations they're working with.

I just hope that one day realization will struck in, that it's better to put your feet on the ground than floating high up in the sky. Because frankly, if you fall from up there, it's gonna hurt big time my friends..

Maybe it's time to wake up. Humility is a good start.

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pamina said...

agreed. ditto.