Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Short and Narrow journey of Maturity...

Most of us have encountered cliche and narrow minded comments from other people. And ironically, most of these people are either your best mates or your closest relatives

I don't know why people still have some stigma on certain things. For example, one of my best friend who is working with the Ministry of Finance always gets this remark from his pals;

"Kerja kat MOF? Boleh lah tolong dapatkan contract ke, tender ke..."

And he's sick of it. It's not like he's the Minister of Finance for crying out loud.

Another friend of mine, who comes from a small kampung in Perak, told me, her fiancee, who hails from KL, always gets this from her friends ;

"Kesian you...tunang you menyewa dengan adik beradik dia ye? nanti lepas kahwin, macam mana...?

And they're sick of that too. What they see as a way of saving money is seen as a low-class act by some people.

Sometimes, I just wonder, why can't they think out of the box once in a while. They're not rednecks, for crying-out loud. They're mostly high class, educated people. What is it that makes their brain triggered that way...?

Me? I used to be immune to it. Just because I was so used to it. I get that almost all the time..with my work, it's either I'm a newscaster or I mingle with celebrities..with my house, they wonder why I live in a low cost flat with one of my mates...and dont get me started on my motorcycle...I get remarks all the time about why I dont have a car...

I just smiled everytime I hear these things.

Once, I was hanging out with my friends when this topic came out. One of them, jokingly(I hope so) said;

"Kenapa ko takde kereta? Kesian nanti awek ko kena amik ko je...tak malu ke?

I told him to shut up, take his words and his car, and shove it.

For once, I snapped. And I'm glad I did.


Anonymous said...

ehem.. good for u bro! i'm sure your fren was joking.. he can shove his car n everything up his a**!!- skematype-

pamina said...

that's so insensitive. sometimes, if one have nothing better to say, the best thing to do is to shut up.

and mate, good for you!