Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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For all the certainties of life that we shared among us, common mortals, we have spit in the faces of despair because our courage to dismiss all the obstacles that we were told that we would go through despite the fact that we faced it in reality every single day.

Instead of knocking on doors and chopping over pillars that shall be our shelter in this masquerading life, we propose to ourselves the thought of psycho-combustion of the souls that we intend to degenerate through the the power of our thoughts.

We have no remorse about our humility as we are proud to be grateful for whatever that God has given us, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We are what we are and nothing would ever compare to what we have become besides our own personal strength that lies deep inside each one of us.

Is it wishful thinking?

Is this too much to ask?

Or is it just a mirage of the mind that kept spewing fantasies that may not be materealized into reality..?

Nothing is impossible.

Thou shall not gave up on oneself before thy consider trying.


szusz said...

how to live life without that? one cant go thru this without that.

it's a must. a necessity.

szusz said...

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don se said...

we need wishful thinking, anyway, any good book you want to recommend to me, i just finish reading 'how to lose friend and alianate people'. I know, the book have a bad title, but it's really funny.. in another way of looking it.