Wednesday, March 04, 2009

(Untitled 3)

Our lives are not confined by one single word that is uttered by some arrogant-prick who doesnt even have the slightest clue who we really are.

Is that harsh? or just doesnt make sense?

I don't know. I'm tired of being mad. Mad for nothing. Really.

It's like a waste of energy. That doesn't mean that I'm trying to be a holier-than thou figure type of person. But, whenever I think about it, I used to be pissed off all the time. And what am I pissed off about? Nothing.

Isn't that the sickest thing you can do in this life? Wasting your time on nothing? I know some people have this notion that you can't be afford to be this naive at this time of age. We have to deal with people, the same way people deal with us. In simple words, shit deserves shit.

I mean, I understand that notion of 'serves u right' attitude, but for real, does everybody in this world treats everybody like shit? I don't think so. So why in the hell should we be pissed off all the time?

I'm tired of being angry. And I'm tired of lashing out without no apparent reason. As far as I can see, nothing good comes out of it for me anyway. If this makes me look naive, then let me be naive. At least that sounds better.

And cuter. LOL


Shaman said...

Finally...its speak.Finally..

accentic factor said...

life is too short for that lah :) to be pissed off all the time. you wont find the time to be happy then.

Anonymous said...

I stand by the maxim 'anger is an energy, use it wisely and you'll get a better world'. I'm quoting John Lydon aka Johny Rotten here.

Anger is different than hate. Hate is negative energy, it'll eat you inside.

It's perfectly ok to be angry, just make sure you have a purpose.