Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In a mad world, only the sane are crazy..

To me, a classic is one that can stand the test of time. And a true comedy is one which doesn't try to be too smart nor trying to downplay the importance of message, meaning striking some sort of balance between the two.

I'm not trying to say that this movie is the best Malaysian Comedy of all time. But the combination of extreme comedy and subtle message of societal orientation may have brought Sikit Punya Gila a kind of a cult status in the history of Malaysian cinema.

Who can ever forget the "kuda longkang" scene, which depicts the gambling and "easy money" phenomenon that has plaguing our society until now. Not to mention, the scene is funny as hell. That's how subtle the message is displayed, by layering it with a comedic storyline, which is simply Comedy 101.

It's amazing how things have changed. In the film, it shows that you even have people working as elevator opreators, which is insanely amazing. At this point in time, where productivity is the main key in our nation building process, it ponders the question, how lazy can you be, if you even need someone to push the elevator button for you..?

As a storyteller, Raja Ismail and Zulkifli Ahmad paints a pretty good picture of how the public dealt with the demanding environment of our country in its developing stages. It shows how money is the main factor and initiative in everyday life, and how it controls every aspect of behaviour and mindset of the people.

The comedy in this film is spot on too. The comedic elements have a certain "next-door" type of feel, which makes the audience relates to it even more. The characters are woven into a neighborhood which one might wonder if it was depicted from their own backyard.

Comedy Classic 101. No straightforward preaching. Subtle Message. Outrageously Funny.

This film gets my vote.

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don se said...

dear transmission zero, i do hope you can make the review of 'tuan besar' which cast include 'Wahid Satay'