Saturday, December 05, 2009

Long hiatus and comebacks of comebacks....

Being away has been invigorating, in a sense of which new perspectives is needed in this life as human beings. The sense of complacency that has been entrusted unto us is an inheritance of which we have gladly accept as a part of one's sense of becoming mortals.

Pondering questions such as shall we conquer the world with our mighty sanity and gigantic mentality lingers every moment that we took our step forward heading towards the largest playing field we could ever imagine, that is the world. We compete for strength, dominance, and adulations as if we are the chosen ones to lead the path of glory for all our peers, or even mankind.

Lest we forget, we havent been touching the ground as often as we thought. We gracefully floated into the air of uncertainty, in which mortals transforms themselves into something more than mere immortals. They are Gods, in their own figment of imagination. They are the King of Kings, even just for a while, in their minds.

I'd rather stick to the ground. At least that's where home is.

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don se said...

you should be a writer met, it's a good piece and i'm way far from you in this league

senarai perkataan yang aku tak reti