Monday, May 26, 2008

Lost track of time..

Working late at night and having no sleep for more than 24 hours will make some of us go insane in a very slow and remote manner.

But, when, you have been doing it for almost the entire existence of your career, you'll kind of get used to it and further more, it'll sometimes drag you into this world where the only thing that matters to you is coffee, cigarettes, your monitor's contrast and brightness, mouse-sensitivity, keyboard-reliability and the toilet.

Nothing else make sense anymore.

But when all those burdens have been completed, when all the work is done, you'll encounter another problem.

Trouble in getting some shut eye.

Deadlines. They suck.

1 comment:

pamina said...

i suffer from insomnia too...and that is after being so tired from work.

sucks. but i have loans to pay off.