Thursday, April 10, 2008

Route to nowhere.....

Are we heading towards the right way?

As we gather around in circles of communion, cracks appear without visibility to the human eyes. We ponder the significance of our own existence, without even realizing the need to shine our own light.

Misconstrued as we are, no mortals were born in this world without importance as every one of us are meant to glow our distinctive reason to be here in the first place. We are neither useless nor without dignity. Integrity and humility are main traits that have been put together in creating a living and breathing persona, that is us.

But, everything has coiled into cobwebs of doubt. We have gone against the grains of our nature. We have become a generation of snobs, which we start to judge each other’s incompetence without accepting the fact that we are as incompetent as the person next to us. In fact, our incompetence is merely a sign which makes us an originator of our own style and substance.

Maybe we should look the other way.

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