Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yes, it is indeed a fact that bullshit walks...

I couldnt sleep after Subuh the other day as I used to, and I thought, while I'm up, I might as well start the day with some tv to kill some time before I'm off to work.

And on the telly that morning was this motivational kind of programme for kids and teenagers, which the speaker, who happens to be a motivation specialist, talked about how to improve life and academic excellence, all of those things in that matter.

I watched it that morning, just for the sake of it. And this motivational speaker, a Doctor to be exact, was going on and on, about life, about family, ambition and all sorts of things. But what got my attention was his thoughts about choosing your friends.

Kalau kita nak berjaya, mestilah kita berkawan dengan orang yang dah berjaya dan orang-orang yang pandai. Barulah kita pun boleh sama-sama berjaya.

Tapi kalau kita asyik berkawan dengan orang-orang yang tak berjaya, orang-orang yang tak berapa pandai, contohnya penoreh getah ke, nelayan ke, pemungut sampah ke, kejayaan tu takkan sampai pada kita. Sebab kelompok rakan atau kenalan kita semuanya tak mencapai kejayaan. Secara tak langsung kita pun takkan berjaya.

Wait, that does not make sense, doesnt it?

I think the last thing we want in this world is another generation of snobs and elitists. Because in my opinion, we already have plenty of that to deal with now, every single day.

I mean, if every morning a motivational specialist could come up with such bullshit for the kids, I wonder what will happen to them in the long run.

What a way to start the day.

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pamina said...

that's why i dont watch early morning tv...