Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Amphibolic verbs without hesitations....

If we were able to weave dreams and thoughts, and turn it into a glimpse of reality, would it be sufficient to provide the happiness that we hoped for in a lifetime?

If we were able to converge opinions and words, and turn it into a glimmer of hope, would it be enough to furnish euphoric scenarios in this world of diversity?

But if those words are not good enough, or in turn be the source of wrath that might send hopes into oblivion, will we be able to still stand and harbour those aspirations of exaltations in life itself?

And if those utterances and statements is detrimental to those moments, will it be enough to heal those wounded expectations, that might in turn aggravate the patience of others that rely on it?

Sincerity is an option for which human beings are allowed to choose as to answer these inconclusive metaphores. As they say, to err is human and to forgive is divine.

Or maybe keeping your choice of words and expressions limited is the best resolution. Inarticulation might do the trick in comforting the whole debacle caused by optimistic and excessive tittle-tattle.

But as they also say, silence is not a virtue. Patience is.

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