Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is is just me...or is this really happening...?

I was on my way to work the other day, and as usual, traffic was like hell on earth. Cars were piling up on the road like there's no tomorrow. Not to mention the antics of our 'typical' Malaysian drivers. It was chaos.

Suddenly, I heard a loud crash. It was an old man on a motorcycle, being hit by a car. A Volvo to be exact. There were all sorts of things scattered on the road. Maybe it was the old man's belongings.

Me and a couple of other guys quickly rushed to this old main aid. We picked him up and guided him to the side. A few other guys helped pick his motorcyle and things up from the road. It's obvious the old man was in a state of shock. And with a few cuts and bruises on his hands and knees.

While we were attending to the injured man, the car that hit him drove by and the driver rolled down his window.

Lain kali, tengok jalan lah. Kalau rempit tu, rempit jugak. Menyusahkan orang je korang yang naik motor ni.

Then, just like that, he vanished from our sights. We were dumbfounded from what had just transpired.

Later when I got to the office, it got me thinking. What has happen to some of us...?

Some people have the luxury of driving in fancy cars without worrying about the weather.But does that give them the right to degrade and insult everybody else? even an old man who is old enough to be your granddad?

Do me favour....Wake me up when this nightmare ends.

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