Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Dad and I Vol. 1

I still remember that day.

I was 10. My dad just brought home his new car. An old 2nd hand Peugeot that he traded with his Toyota. My mom was really bugging out at that time because his Toyota was still in good condition. To compare that car with this Peugeot is like night and day. But he just smiled. From the look in his eyes, I knew at that moment, he's the happiest guy in the world.

He looked at me and smiled.

Nak ikut bapak jalan-jalan?


Pegi cakap kat mak kita keluar kejap.

I ran back into the house and told my mom. I ran back as fast as I can to my dad and jumped in his new car.

We drove around Ipoh town that evening. My dad was wearing the biggest smile I've ever seen.

Then, he turned on the radio.

The sound was so foreign to me. But in a unique way, I kinda enjoyed it and at the same time confused. My dad noticed the weird look on my face.

Sedap tak lagu ni?

Ni lagu apa pak?

Sadao Watanabe.

Sapa tu?

Orang Jepun. Dia main lagu jazz.

Jazz tu muzik apa? Bunyi dia pelik ye?

One day, bila kamu dah besar nanti, you'll understand what jazz is. And bila kamu dah matured nanti, you'll appreciate it more. I have a feeling that you will.

Ye ke? macam mana bapak tau?

Sebab kamu anak bapak. And I know my son will grow up be one smart, matured man. Sebab sekarang, he already is.

That was the proudest moment in my entire life. Until today, nothing can ever top that.

I hope I didn't let him down.

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