Wednesday, March 05, 2008

If this doesnt make any sense, then maybe I need help after all....

Sometimes I wonder, are we really free to make decisions in our lives without thinking about the implications of that decision to the people around us?

A lot of us have this notion that the best way to approach this kind of dilemma is by going with your gut.

Maybe for some people, that could work. Perhaps by following our instincts could be the key in finding what you want in life. That is when our actions are totally pure from all the pretentious causes and motives that lingers within our mind like wiggly earth worms under the ground.

But as I have learned through all the years of my whole existence, maybe that same approach can't be applied by me. Wishful thinking aside, I honestly don't think I have the emotional capacity to do that, knowing the fact that the consequences of my actions will affect others related to the matter in hand.

Because, truthfully, if my guts have a mind of its own, frankly it have shit for brains. Even if I really believe in what I've decided to do, close companions will tell me that I'm on the verge of making a big mistake. And in the end, they were right about it.

So maybe, I need a second to collect my thoughts before I decide on anything that is going to happen in my lfe in the near future.

Or maybe I should just shut up and do something about it.

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Sham said...

Huaahh...yang nie ganas.Decision making eiher with guts or literal thinking.Huh? I go with the second one.