Thursday, June 19, 2008

Almost losing the plot...

For a while I was sailing.

I was so high up in the clouds, I forgot to look down for a moment and just breathe the air that hoovers below. I didn't truly distinguish on the realities and possibilities anymore. As if I'm entering a new dimension of self-fabricating optimism, which could jeopardize the whole realm of wonders that I'm experiencing.

Maybe it's been a while since I've had such exhilarating junctures, that I've been blinded by figments of my own mirage created by my hidden cravings for a more stupendous existence.

In other words, I should just keep my feet on the ground while enjoying these moments. As once I lost sight of what really matters, I'll become a hazard to myself and to everybody else around me for that matter.

As Tagore once stated;

It is our desires that limit the scope of our self-realisation, hinder our extension of consciousness, setting up disunion and arrogance of exclusiveness, and give rise to an attitude of life which takes for granted that our goal is finite, that our self is the ultimate truth, and that we are not all essentially one but exist each for his own separate individual existence.

One step at a time. No rush, no harm.

I truly believe everything's gonna be just fine.

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