Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dispensable Eventualities...

Is it possible that a man's passion can be ripped of him because of the repercussions of the tasks he pursued?

Is it possible for an ambition to be torn apart because of some humility presented by the owner of that dream?

Is it possible that a desire to succeed can be turned into an antagonistic twist-of-faith by the insecurities rewarded from the truth that resided in an unshameful manner?

Is it possible for a will to live the dream be shattered by a sombre mood of egoistical proportions?

Is it possible?

Is it?

Because I really don't wanna know the answers for I'm not budging from anything yet. Besides, I have something to look forward to everyday, and I have something to live for now, and I intent to embark that journey without any doubts or hesitations.

I'm living for something now. And it's getting more and more worth it every single day.

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