Thursday, June 12, 2008

Halt at the gates of contentment...

As human beings, we have the tendency to take a back seat on everything.

We just let nature take its course. Without knowing the fact, that by thinking and by following our own honest conscience , things would be different if we do something about it. But as the same time, we argued that every nooks and cranny in our minds have been explored in search of the answers. We were arrogant enough to believe that our decisions are made based on facts, not on some passion-filled trip towards insanity, and we blame everything else for that matter.

But on the contrary, we are just going around in circles, looking for a sanctuary. For our minds to just not think of it anymore.

And as time passes by, I abhor the fact that I used to have that notion in me all the time. As if, I'm so into my own depression that I somehow felt at home with all the ruckus and gloom inside of me.

But, it just took me one miraculous moment to reap the sense of living my life again. Moment of pondering emotions that took me into a leap of faith, which concludes that I too, can live and be more that I want to be.

No more excessive rationalizing. Just thoughts. Rational, clear and honest thoughts. And right now, I see things more clearer than it had ever been.

Thank God for that miracle.

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