Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Dad and I Vol.4

I was 8.

Whenever my dad met or hang out with his friends, I noticed that he never talked about his work. While his buddies were busy talking about ranks, positions, office politics, and their job descriptions, he just sat there, smiled or laughed occasionally and just kept quiet while listening for most of the time.

He only joined in the conversation whenever the topics switched to something else. Family and children were his favourite subjects.

One day, while on our way back from a regular stall we frequently visited for a cup of coffee with some of his mates, I asked him about this.

Kenapa bapak tak pernah sembang pasal kerja bapak dengan member-member bapak?

Kerja? Ntahlah. Nak buat apa cerita pun.

Takdelah. Macam diorang beriya bercerita pasal kerja, kenapa bapak tak join sekali?

Kalau nak cerita pasal kerja ni, sampai bila pun tak habis tau. Lagipun bapak kerja biasa je. Bukan ada apa boleh eksyen pun…heh…Bapak lagi suka cerita pasal anak-anak bapak.

Tapi anak-anak bapak pun biasa je.

Sapa cakap? Kamu tau, my best achievement in life is kamu dengan kakak kamu tau. Promise me you will never think otherwise.

I promise bapak. Thank you for making a hard and bad day seems good and worth living after all.

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